EPM Sciences As a manufacturer of the gas analyzers as well as  integration, it has the full scope of knowledge and experience to support your gas analysis system post-delivery.

Customized solution


Gas analyzers are used in emissions monitoring as fixed, Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS) systems.
EPM can provide consultancy service on the best implementation of our equipment or 3rd party equipment that may complement EPM’s equipment to give the customer the full capability for their emissions monitoring requirements.
Our consultancy services are backed-up with our in-house emissions analyzer rental department, and our service department who can support non-EPM Sciences equipment.


The urban and ambient environment requires detailed measurement and careful detection of wide range of gases and particulates.
With portable and fixed sensor solutions, EPM Sciences can provide permanent monitoring.

Project Management

A full range of support services covering the life cycle of your projects with its innovative solutions, EPM Sciences will help you with the success of your projects, from the design stage to operating your Environmental service.
The select of analyzer, measurement method, customization of sampling equipment and data processing are all stages of the overall project that EPM Sciences can manage for customers.


Technical training sessions are provided on a regular basis at our premises. Alternatively, training sessions can also be given at your location. For find out our training schedule please Contact us.

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