Innovative Solutions to Air Pollution Challenges

Transportation, Power Generation, Industrial and Domestic Sources Have All Led to Pollution and Changes in the Ambient Air’s Composition. Air Pollution Can Seriously Impact Human Health, Causing Respiratory Problems, Cardiac Disease And Cancer. Air Pollution Monitoring Assesses Pollutant Levels By Measuring The Concentration Of Key Pollutants In The Surrounding Outdoor Air.
Continuous Measurements Are Routinely Including For Various Air Pollutants (SO2, NOx, O3, VOCs, TRS, PM2.5), Meteorological Parameters (Wind Speed & Direction, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Rainfall And Solar Radiation) , Noise, Radiation And Other Airborne Constituents.

EPM Sciences Is producer Of Analytical Measurement, Meteorology and data collection systems. We will promote Our products in hardware and software divisions and services will including training supports and after sales services to clients. Our Service Engineers Enjoy A Reputation In This Industry As Second To None With Various Levels Of Experience In Service And Commissioning Of System Solutions. Training Is Considered Vital And Our Engineers Frequently Visit Factories Of Our Overseas Suppliers For Product Training. We Provide Customer Training To Our Clients As Well And That Can Be Conducted Either At Your Premises.

Our missions

Become an influential company in the field of integrated air and water pollution monitoring systems in Europe, Asia by 2025 and global countries by 2026.

We consider ourselves partners of the customers of employees and the community, and we are environmentally friendly. We want to become a well-known brand in the region by producing air and water pollutants monitoring products.

Our view points to achieve high growth, annual profitability and maintain a sense of environmental protection.

Our values

  • Customer orientation
  • Expert teamwork
  • Preserving human values
  • Providing valuable services
  • Work and moral disciplines
  • Update the knowledge and motivation of teamwork to develop activities and achieve the company’s goals
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